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Program Design, Focused Learning, Arts Advocacy, Masterclasses, Tutorials, Extra-Curricular Programs.



Trumpet Masterclass, School Program Instructed by University of Toronto Faculty of Music Superstar Chase Sanborn.

“Mr. Sanborn was able to easily find what I needed to improve on and gave me excellent instruction to create the results I wanted! The teachers are really easy to connect to and create a fun online learning environment for everyone to enjoy. With just one class I already felt like I was a better musician!”

- Christopher S. B. Age 17, Trumpet



As an approved vendor to the Ontario Ministry of Education, all of our School Programs work in tandem with and support the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Our programs support grade seven to grade twelve curricula for Social Sciences, Music, Drama/Visual Arts, Modern Languages, History, Geography, Family Studies/Hospitality, and more. Our School Program is an accessible environment where every student is included, every experience is honoured, and every voice is welcomed and heard. Every student's success and well-being are fostered through dynamic, authentic cultural learning experiences in diverse, accepting environments. ePrograms enhance a student’s relationship learning on a multitude of levels. At ePrograms, we believe that students don’t just learn skills; students earn them.  We understand that students don’t acquire skills. Students' success process is broken down into a personal journey of 3 stages. 

  1. Learn skills 2. Develop skills 3. Apply skills 

Learning Outcome & Student Achievement - Earn New Skills


What We Offer

ePrograms work in tandem with teachers to design programs that achieve their specific educational learning outcomes. From our 'Fall in Love with French’ program as an interactive, hands-on French or Geography lesson to our ‘Around the World From Your Classroom”’ program that supports World Studies or History curriculum. ePrograms offer something unique and beneficial for every teacher to inspire information - and transform the learning process By the end of each program, students will have successfully learned, developed, applied and most importantly, personally earned new skills and information that provides them with real-world outcomes. Many of our programs' fundamental process is based on students using all their senses to learn, which powerfully imprints on them everything they earn. 

Student Outcomes And Deliverables

Through ePrograms Culinary, Music, Visual Arts, and Drama Programs Students:


  • Will acquire and apply new skills to give them a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

  • Will develop skills of multitasking. Prioritize skills/tasks and address them in the appropriate order. Everyone in our programs becomes a great multitasker by learning how to move effortlessly from one activity to another effectively.

  • Through hands-on activities and experiential learning, students develop and continuously reinforce the right way to do skills.

  • Through the development of ‘Lifetime’ skills are reinforced by practicing basic skills such as math by counting, weighing, measuring, and tracking time.

  • Develop, and apply skills that foster social skills and a positive attitude. Each person's personal class journey may be slightly different. However, everyone will be communicating, learning, and working together for their common goals while engaging with each other in a fun and social way.

  • Build lasting positive memories with like-minded people.


ePrograms School Program is an innovative way to develop and foster confidence, self-esteem and focused learning through our Group Online Masterclasses and Online Youth Clubs for your students. Our School Program is created for schools, educational facilities and Boards of Educations to support and enhance the curriculum. By supporting teachers and the learning outcomes they require, students will broaden their depth of curriculum learning, social networks and learn to communicate more effectively while mastering their passion.


At ePrograms, we put the FUN in fundamentals. 


Our programs' goal is to have every session packed with a new set of skills students will learn, develop, and apply. The result is a unique and new set of tools students can successfully add to their ever-growing toolbox that has evolved through hands-on learning and real-world application techniques. 

We follow stringent rules, regulations and guidelines when designing and running our unique program in collaboration with your teachers. We’re here to assure your school that we have designed everything to adhere to Food and Drug/ Occupational Health and Provincial regulations, along with any other precautionary information provided to us by your school. 

ePrograms is:

  • An approved Ontario Ministry of Education vendor.

  • An approved Government of Ontario PROCUREMENTS vendor.

  • A vendor partner with the CIS Ontario Schools.  

Our Professionals

All of our professional instructors have been bonded and vetted for their extraordinary teaching skills. These professionals are very accomplished celebrities who are also faculty and or teachers at universities, colleges, and schools. Together, students can learn to play music from members of orchestras such as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, or learn cooking online alongside chefs such as Master Chef Didier Leroy. 

One of our personally selected ‘Top Tier’ professionals will work with the classroom teacher to create a curriculum-based session/program, and then in real-time, they can jointly lead an interactive group of students in an online class. 


Online Clubs / Extracurricular Activities

ePrograms Online Extracurricular Programs are well-rounded extracurricular opportunities for students to broaden their horizons and further their learning opportunities after school or school weekend programs. These Clubs are designed to help students progress and foster a love and enjoyment of the arts. Sessions consist of group coaching and practice time. These sessions will address different techniques and concepts that arise throughout the directed learning process. School Online Clubs are packed with loads of fun-filled activities and conversations. These school group sessions provide a forum to develop the social element and camaraderie within a school that our youth are desperately missing in these challenging times. 

Leaders of Tomorrow

ePrograms support the hope that through all of our interactive educational programs, students who understand these values of humanity, mutual respect, and kindness they are participating in today will change the world tomorrow.