Culinary (15-24)

Session Dates:

April 19 – June 11
Feb.  8  – April 2 
Jan. 11 – March 5

One class per week for eight weeks for $240.


Ready to add a little star-power to your kitchen? We bring Masterchefs to you. Handpicked for their incredible talent, passion and teaching capabilities, our superstar instructors will take you on an online culinary adventure in the comfort and safety of your own home.  From experimenting with new recipes, to meal planning and discovering the perfect foods for you, there’s always something fun cooking in the e-Programs kitchen. The only ingredient we need to add is you. 


Program Details:

8 weeks program. One 60-minute session per week. 10-12 students of the same skill level per class conducted on Zoom and led by one Superstar instructor. Everything will be recorded for safety and liability purposes. Students are responsible for supplying all necessary materials. 

Culinary (15-24)

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