University Survival Kit

Heading off to university? Not to worry! Student life doesn’t have to be peppered with Kraft Dinner and microwaveable meals. Learn how to make simple, tasty dishes for yourself. With our survival kit, you can afford to eat fast, nutritious and delicious food. You've Got This!


1.Set up your work space / How to read a recipe / How to handle food / Gather & prep your ingredients / Give yourself space to work & cook/ Clean as you go

2.How to become a cook who uses a knife safely & knows how to select the right one for each task.

3.Learn to grocery shop for yourself - Grocery shopping with purpose / Learn the shelf life of foods

4.How to become a cook who understands how to choose the correct heat source and know how it interacts with oils & butter at certain temperatures

5.Everything Eggs! - Endless option with this great source of protein 

6.Beyond Meat - Delicious vegetarian dishes for a healthy plant-based diet.

7.Pasta & Rice - the perfect quick meals

8.Grill or cook flavourful chicken or fish / MYOM - Make Your Own Marinade - sauces, salad dressings etc.

9.Crockpot it - Cook while you’re studying! 

10.Healthy snacks to fuel your brain

11.Desserts that don't need to be baked or cooked

12.Easy bake items / Brew the perfect cup of coffee.

13.10 to 20 minute meals that use under ten ingredients


This program is designed to help you on your journey into a very busy university life. These 13 lessons are hosted by World-Class chefs who will give you essential basic skills along with tricks, techniques and suggestions that make eating healthy, delicious food fast and simple. 



•13 week programs, 1 class per week

•Each class will be 90 minutes

•Program size will be up to 12 students led by 1 Superstar instructor.

•Everything will be conducted via Zoom and recorded for safety/liability purposes

•Zoom links, recipes, shopping lists, prep and equipment lists, and instructional videos will be sent one week prior to the start of a program

University Survival Kit

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