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Contemplating at Work

What safety features do you have in place to protect my children while online with one of your professionals?

To begin, all students and faculty must sign a code of conduct and a Photo Release form. While online, all zoom sessions are protected by a password and an authenticated user verification.


Why are you recording the sessions with my child?

Sessions are recorded for security and liability for both the student as well as the faculty member. Videos may be used for promotional purposes.


My child is interested in joining an ePrograms session.  Do you have a trial session available before I sign up for a full session of classes?

No, we do not offer a trial session at this time.


What happens if my child doesn’t want to continue with ePrograms after they start a session?  Can I get a refund for the sessions they don’t use?

ePrograms sessions are built on the premise that the students progress together as a group with the professional. Therefore, we do not offer refunds if a student leaves the group. We will happily discuss other options for you to best suit each individual needs.

If the child needs to be moved to a different group, we are happy to accommodate a program change.


What internet speed do you need to participate?

An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)

Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth

My child is gifted musician but only age 9, can I sign them up for ePrograms?

Our groups are created to be cohesive and therefore students under the age of ten will be considered on an individual basis.


My child has no prior music experience but is very interested.  Are beginners welcome to sign up?

Yes, we love beginners. However, we recommend that your child start one on one with Private lessons and when they are confident, they can migrate into a group.


Do I need to be home while my child is in an ePrograms session?

Parental supervision is not a requirement for the Music, Art and Finance Sessions; however, we do recommend that an adult is present for the Culinary Arts classes as they will take place in the kitchen.


My child doesn’t have access to their instrument at home.  Do you have a rental service available?

We have partnered with the Music Industry/ Suppliers for you to rent an instrument and at educational price for the duration of the program or school year. Just let us know what you need.


Do you provide the supplies for the art and cooking classes?

We will arrange for Art kits to be delivered to our Visual Arts students and recipes will be sent in advance for the cooking classes for you to supply.


What does my child need to participate in ePrograms? 

A willingness and desire to learn, grow and engage. For all of our programs we use the Zoom platform and therefore all students need a computer or tablet with an updated Internet connection and camera. External speakers and microphone are optional. Earbuds of headphones. Depending on the program your child will need a musical instrument.


Are the sessions only available in groups?   

The ePrograms platform are group masterclasses with a professional. We are also happy to arrange private lessons on request.


Do you have private sessions available?

Yes, on request.


How do manage the age groups?  Will my child be in a group with other children the same age?

All students are thoughtfully placed in a group of similar ages and abilities.


At the end of the session, is there a final product produced by the group like a recital?

We love the idea of creating a recital and will definitely build this into the curriculum!


Does my child need to wear headphones while in an ePrograms class?

It is recommended but not mandatory. Whatever is most comfortable for the student.


Do I get a receipt for my ePrograms session when I enroll?

Yes, you will get a receipt upon purchase.


How do you select the Professionals for ePrograms?  How do I know that my child is safe with them?

All instructors are hand selected by ePrograms Educational Department. They are vetted and bonded and have provided a vulnerable sector check. The majority of instructors are faculty at universities and Boards of Education

How open are you to new program suggestions? If we have a suggestion can you provide the professionals?

We love hearing about new and exciting program suggestions. Tell us your ideas and let us create them for you!

My child would like to sign up with her/his friends. Can they be placed in the same group?

Absoultely! Not a problem!


In what time zone are the sessions running?

ePrograms sessions run in EST.

Can we request a specific professional from your list?

Students are placed by age and ability. We will place the student with the most suitable professional for your child.

Do you offer programs for older students and adults?

Not at this time, we are focused youth.

I have a child with special needs, are there programs available for them?

We are in the process of creating customized curriculum for those with special needs. We look forward to including such programming in the near future.


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